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Open Door Art School


All-round Development!

Plein air & classroom sessions

Art presentation and demos

Gallery, Studio Visit

Art Discussion/Critic

Art Tour & Live projects

International master’s sessions

Classes Starting

1st SEP 2019

Level 1

For Beginners.. with focus towards building interest in art and learning the basics.

Level 2

For Intermediate levels when the basics are learnt but the depth is required!

Level 3

Practice can make the skills better, but the all round development happens only we understand the story behind!

Level 4

Quality & packaging both are required when we want to pursue our passion as a career. Be an Art Entrepreneur.

Key Features

Details (Topics)

  • Duration
  • # of Sessions
  • Duration of each class
  • Exposure to all mediums
  • Drawing & tools
  • Color theory, Values & contrast
  • Perspective
  • Anatomy
  • Portfolio Building
  • Art presentation and demo
  • Gallery, Studio, Exhibition Visit
  • Art Documentary/Debates
  • Art Tours
  • Exposure to live projects
  • International master's sessions
  • Art Appraisal
  • How to sell Art
  • How to overcome artist blocks
  • Art Entrepreneurship

ODAS Level1

  • 60 hrs
  • 30
  • 2 hrs

ODAS Level2

  • 100 hrs
  • 33
  • 3 hrs

ODAS Level3

  • 130 hrs
  • 43
  • 3 hrs

ODAS Level4

  • 160 hrs
  • 53
  • 3 hrs
level 4

About Us

Open door Art School is an initiative by Jumbish Creations Private Limited to enable art education for everyone with key objectives as:

  • Enable Students to Create, Present and Promote Art
  • Create confident and expressive professional Artist with all round development
  • Teach what conventional Art Schools do not teach 
  • Use unconventional methodologies to create Art Entrepreneurs than just an Artist
  • Provide a variety of courses to suit every level of skill set in individuals.

It is located in the serene corners of Viman Nagar which is calm and surrounded by Nature. This makes it conducive to the artist and the art lovers to make a creative day even more fruitful.


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